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/ Welcome to Royal Aero GmbH

Royal Aero are experts in the field of aviation services and aircraft engine leasing and boast a huge inventory of aviation parts. Royal Aero also has multiple aircraft engines for sale.

Royal Aero GmbH exploits extensive market knowledge, technical expertise and industry-wide networks to provide support to airlines, leasing companies and MRO’s around the world through sale, lease and technical service agreements for the following areas:

  • Purchase, disassembly and subcontracted overhaul of OEM engine parts
  • Sale of whole engines and replacement parts for commercial aircraft engines
  • Aircraft engine leasing from both owned assets and our managed portfolio
  • Lifecycle management of engines for airlines and lessors
  • Independent advice on engine selection and operational costs
  • Guaranteed cost savings on operational and aircraft maintenance activities

Royal Aero GmbH is one of the largest independent European based suppliers of OEM engine parts and technical consultancy services to the aviation industry.

How can we be of service to you?

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Royal Aero Engines available for sale or lease. Engine availability
CFM56-5C4 Engines acquired
Royal have acquired four serviceable engines for sale, lease or exchange. All 4 engines are a high build standard.
Independent care
In March 2012, Royal Aero GmbH launched its very own company magazine, the first edition of Royal Insight...